Yoga + Wellness Professionals: Evolve Your Career


Lead your people out of overwhelm + into smarter habits...

While transforming your wellness career into a membership model leading dynamic groups.

..for Wellness Pros, Holistic Practitioners, Health Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Trainers, Therapists, Bodyworkers + PT's


Do you hear yourself saying "I'm busy," but inside you're not satisfied?

You don't want to have to sell your services?

Or perhaps you wonder why some people, who don't seem to know much more than you, are earning twice or thrice what you are earning in your wellness career?

Are you wanting more prosperity and at the same time, more integrity with your own daily self care?

Are you afraid you can't have all that?


This is Your Path to Becoming a Successful Leader of Dynamic Groups into Radiant Health


  • AYURVEDA Habits Training
  • Dynamic Group Coaching Skills
  • Habit Evolution Coaching Skills
  • Creating Your Unique Membership Program
  • Enroll with Soul System


* This free training is NOT suitable for wellness pros-in-training as the content within is only relevant for those who have professional training and a clientele.